You are here to Reveal, Be and Express the Divine Within you.

There is a great shift of consciousness moving through humanity now.

We are living in a time where the old paradigms are no longer working & falling away.

The Akashic Records are calling more and more people forward to awaken and lay down their blocks & limiting beliefs to reveal the Soul’s Truth.

Let us journey together to do this Sacred Work of Healing and Revealing.

Work with Suara

All meetings are Virtual through Zoom

Great to tap into Akashic Healing Energy and to connect to a community.

Monthly Group Healing

Great for getting immediate answers from your Guides to your deepest questions.

Great for learning how to read your own Akashic Records, in a group setting.

Great to learn mastery & heal quickly in a 6 month training, working 1 to 1 with Suara.

NEW monthly healing group! Suara will open the group’s Akashic Records and, with the help of the Guides, bring in healing energy from the Akasha for release and renewal. Submit healing requests before each meeting.

Suara will read your Akashic Records to answer your questions. Find out what’s underneath life’s most difficult situations. Receive healing and support from your Guides.

Akashic Records group course, Level 1 or Level 2. Learn what the Akashic Records are, how to access them, and make connection to your Guides and the Unconditionally Loving energy of the Akasha.

Train 1 on 1 with Suara to find out who you are on a Soul Level, including your Soul Gifts and your Starseed. Clear blocks & karma to reveal your real self, and learn how to manifest abundance.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

~ Rumi

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