Akashic Records Unlocked VIP Program

Unlock the Wisdom of the Akashic Records to reveal who you really are

The purpose of this training is to reveal who you are on a Soul Level. You will learn about your Soul Gift. Even this one awareness can bring more clarity into your life!

In this personal 1 on 1 course, you will also discover your Starseed and your Manifesting Map, which is the best way for you to manifest in the world.

You will clear and release contracts, blocks, damage to your energetic body, karma, vows and so much more.

This information is completely tailored to YOU. It cannot be passed to you in a regular Akashic Records session as all the information builds on top of itself. This is Soul Level information that you cannot find going to a counselor or through other conventional means.

As the program progresses, you will be more clear of who you are, what your soul purposes are, and how you want to express your Divine Self in the world.

In addition, I will train you in the tools to access the Akashic Records. So that even after the program is complete, you can take yourself along your Soul Path, directly supported by your Guides in the Akashic Records.

This program has 3 main areas of focus, in this order:

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Discover your Akashic Records Soul Information

Get to know who you are on a Soul Level including your Soul Gift, Soul Purposes, Starseed and Spiritual Evolution Point.

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Clear & Release Blocks

Retrieve and clear the stories that hold karma and blocks. Go through a 28-day Clearing process.

Manifestation & Creation

Create intentions, practice shifting your vibrational state to manifest with purpose and clarity. Express your true Divine Nature.

This course is delivered to you via zoom in 3 weekly meetings per month

(2) of these meetings will be Soul Information

(1) of these meetings will be an Akashic Records reading or training

Each meeting is the same day and time weekly and is 1 hour in length

The 4th week of each month is reserved for Suara to prepare client information for the next month

Book a Connection Call to see if this program is right for you!

“This Akashic Records VIP program has been a journey of discovery, learning, and creating….discovery of how I am designed and interact with the world; learning which aspects of my life are going well and where I might make changes; and creating by providing a framework for evaluating new intentions and goals. I am moving forward with more confidence and ease. I deeply honor Suara, her gift as an Akashic reader and teacher, and the light she brings to the world.”

~ Suzi A.

Unlock the Wisdom of the Akashic Records to Live Your Best Life


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