Black Friday Offer 2022 from Suara

For the cost of 1 Akashic Records reading ($198 USD) this Black Friday Offer includes all of the following:

  • BOGO: Buy One, Give One – Akashic Records readings
    • Two 50-minute Akashic Records readings for the price of one.
    • One reading for yourself and one to give to a friend.
    • And yes, gifting yourself the second reading is permitted!
    • Book your readings any time before Black Friday of 2023, next year.
    • Unique codes to redeem your readings will be generated and sent in a separate email. Thank you for your patience…each code is unique and takes time to create and send out.

  • 2023 Intention-Setting Journal
    • Start off 2023 with clear intentions, guided by promptings from your Higher Self. Use this 7-page downloadable pdf journal to create your Intentions and Resolutions for 2023.

  • Audio Meditation for Manifesting
    • Listen to this 6 minute guided meditation focused on releasing your Intentions into the Field of Infinite Possibilities and increase your ability to attract what you desire!
    • It’s important to remember to release your Intentions to the Universe, so that the Divine Consciousness can get to work on them.
    • Listen over and over to Increase your abilities to manifest what you desire!

  • VIP Access to the Akashic Records Unlocked Summit Interviews
    • Watch 10 amazing interviews with some of the Top Akashic Records experts and practitioners in the field. That’s over 7 hours of content available at your fingertips.
    • Learn valuable insights about the Akashic Records and effective tips to help your own practice.

  • 20 minute private Q & A call with Suara
    • Meet 1 on 1 with Suara to share what’s going on and discuss Akashic Records solutions for your situation.
    • Book your 1 on 1 time with Suara HERE


  • Beinjoy Yoga Mat & Knee Cushion
    • Beautifully designed, eco-friendly yoga mat and knee cushion makes a great gift!
    • Check out the description video HERE
    • Separate shipping charges will apply at time of shipping. An email will be sent to you prior to shipment to confirm shipping charges.
    • Typically shipping costs from Los Angeles within the Continental US is $12 – $35 USD. International Rates are extra.
    • You may Opt-Out of receiving the yoga mat & cushion.

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