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Click the images below to access past Moon Journals. These journals are designed to help you maneuver the changing energies of each new and full moon. Treat each journal as a sacred ritual of deep introspection and release. Sign up for our newsletter to be sure to receive future Moon Journals. Many Blessings to You.

November 2023 – New Moon in Scorpio

This New Moon in Scorpio is asking us to take a stand for Truth.  There may be some turbulence during this time so it will be important to practice centering. This energy will lead up to the Full Moon in Gemini on November 27th.  During this time, it will be important to prioritize your projects to avoid any breakdowns. 

October 2023 – New Moon in Libra

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Libra will support you to release limiting patterns to allow your true path to emerge. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will bring a paradigm-shifting, expanded consciousness of love. Be sure to tap into the love & connection.

September 2023 – New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon is asking us to integrate the wisdom that has been emerging all year, and make practical and yet small changes in our lives. The Full Moon in Aries will bring a lighter energy that will make everything better, making this a great time for gratitude.

August 2023 – New Moon in Leo

Watch out, there is an irritating, frustrating energy coming. You may be on edge or impatient at this time. The Full Moon in Pisces on August 30th will make you introspective.

July 2023 – New Moon in Cancer

This New Moon is asking you to look at how you use your time, attention, money and resources. The Full Moon in Aquarius will test your relationships.

May 2023 – New Moon in Taurus

Who you were in the past is dissolving so that you can step into an upgraded version of you. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will help you resolve the past to get you moving forward.

April 2023 – New Moon in Aries

Last month’s energies continue to push you to take a risk and step into self-sufficiency and empowerment. The Full Moon in Scorpio asks you to look at where you are giving your power away and then reclaim it.

March 2023 – New Moon in Aries

Initiation energy makes this a great time to start something new & BOLD. This is followed by a supportive, lucky and balanced energy in all areas of life!

February 2023 – New Moon in Pisces

The ego will shrink to allow you to tap into the collective consciousness. March 7th is the Full Moon in Virgo asking all of you, even the forgotten parts, to come into full integration.

January 2023 – New Moon in Aquarius

It’s time to raise your perspective and consider your long term vision. There is an opportunity to step away from a situation that is no longer serving you. The Full Moon in Leo on February 5th is supporting you to love your unique magic and how it fits in the larger group.

December 2022 – New Moon in Capricorn

This is a time of transformation and energetic upgrades, leading up to the Full Moon in Cancer on January 6th that will bring momentum and benevolence.

November 2022 – New Moon in Sagittarius

Step into Sovereignty over your life and Agency in your future during this new moon. The Full Moon in Gemini is bringing heightened energy. Will you use this in positive or negative ways?

October 2022 – New Moon in Scorpio

It’s time to release limiting beliefs around finances. That which is in the dark will come to light. The New Moon in Taurus on November 8th is a BIG one. It will bring in something new and unexpected.

September 2022 – New Moon in Libra

This is a good time to look at everything that you’ve been putting off on the deepest levels. The Full Moon in Aries on October 9th will bring break-through energy.

August 2022 – New Moon in Virgo

This new moon is asking us to be more discerning about where we spend our time. The Full Moon in Pisces on September 10th is revealing that which is hidden.

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