Akashic Records Unlocked

Heal Your Past, Realize Who You Are Meant to Be and Live an Extraordinary Life!

An online summit to learn more about the Akashic Records.

Suara is bringing together 20 of the Foremost Leaders and Pioneers of the Akashic Records, in an online summit called, Akashic Records Unlocked. In this groundbreaking event, starting on May 17th and going through May 23rd, we will be exploring many aspects of the Akashic Records from the perspective of experienced professionals and teachers.  You will have a deeper understanding of how you can heal your past and live an extraordinary life through the Akashic Records.

You’ll hear from prominent experts in the field such as: Dr. Linda Howe, Lisa Barnett, Maureen St. Germain, Lumari, Melissa Feick and more!

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the Akashic Records and how they can bring more happiness, healing and abundance into your life, this is the place to be!

May 17 – May 23, 2021

“I want to say a huge THANK YOU for organising the Akashic Summit.  It was wonderful to watch and hear so many souls doing this magnificent work.   I felt so uplifted watching each one.  And I loved your interview technique. So connected and so engaged with each person.  Thank you for bringing this to the table.”  ~ Bonnie S.

“I just wanted to send you a personal thank you for the summit you hosted. The interviews were great and I learned a lot more about the Akashic Records and how people do readings and use the Records for their own lives. I thought you were just amazingly articulate, kind, smart and welcoming to each interviewee. I really loved your personal style of communication and interviewing, and I also have deep gratitude for your vision and seeing it through to fruition.  I hope many people benefitted from it; I know I certainly did.” ~ Kate Davenport 

“I have to tell you Suara I so much in-joyed the Summit!  I learned so much…It really is amazing to learn that there are so many wonderful modalities coming from working with the Records to help people heal their trauma and get on with living their life purpose.  Thanks again for providing such wonderful resources to hopefully a lot of people.  The time is now to help people awaken and change their lives.  When we heal ourselves…we heal the world.” ~Judie Koller 

“Just want to thank you for hosting such a great summit for Akashic records. It has really been so interesting to watch and listen to all the teachers and practitioners. Personally, I felt uplifted and honored to be able to attend. Amazing gift! Thank you. The format you chose is just perfect and so convenient.” ~ Daniela Keli