Certified Akashic Records Readers

Certified Akashic Records Readers

Heather Marsh

I’m Heather Marsh. I am a certified Akashic Records reader. Thank you for welcoming me into your personal journey for inner growth. I’m here to help you explore your own possibilities for  expansion and growth in your body, mind, and spirit as you pursue your life goals. In your Akashic Records reading, I’m excited to support you in moving forward as a whole and happy person seeking soul insight and concrete tools to feel empowered.

Marie Struck

Marie is a healer, trance medium and artist combining her gifts creating personalised sessions for each client. Marie is an inter dimensional channel building bridges between worlds. Located in the wilderness of Norway, she is offering sessions to accommodate your spiritual and emotional needs.

Precious Bullard

Precious is a 4th generation intuitive, multidimensional healer, and direct channel currently residing in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. Combining her natural soul gifts with the Akashic Records creates an experience unlike any other. Precious specializes in past life readings/healing and business strategies, but is able and ready to assist with any of your soul-level needs. 

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