Hi, I’m Suara. This is the name which was given to me by my Guides of the Akashic Records as my spiritual name. It means ‘sound’ or ‘voice’.

My story of connection to the Akashic Records is similar to many followers of the Akasha. I was always a spiritual seeker and looked beyond the religion my upbringing for answers. I sought the wisdom of Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and the New Age. I learned healing practices through Spiritual Psychology, Meditation, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, Sound Therapy and finally, the Akashic Records.

Entering the Records for the first time was profound and yet familiar somehow, like a secret place I had always known and visited many times in my dreams. With each visit into my Records, I gained more insight into my limiting patterns, where they came from and how to heal them. My purpose in this lifetime and ultimately my soul’s journey became clear to me and has been guiding me ever since.

Now, after many years of working in the Akashic Records, I am passionate to share how the Akashic Records can support you to reveal the Truth within you so that you can live in your full empowerment and Divine Self Expression.

What People Are Saying

Suara’s reading really resonated with me and provided clarity around my life purpose. She was really connected to Spirit, as she was answering questions on my list before I had even asked them!

~ Jeanine from the UK

Thank you for the fantastic clearing today.  The information you provided resonated deeply with me, was extremely positive and provided assurance that my life is in alignment with my soul path.

~ Nita D from Canada

I felt something deep had been healed. Suara could see something about my inner spiritual life that I have been working with the past 30 years. She was very specific what that was!

~ Terese from Washington

Discover your Soul Truth in a Reading

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