The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a multi-dimensional library of pure energy and light beyond time and space. The Records contain an energetic imprint of everything that has happened up to this point, as well as the possibilities of what is to come, including all your past lives, your choices, your influences and actions. The dimension where the Akashic Records exists is also the place where your soul exists. And what is exciting is that you can reconnect with your soul through the Akashic Records.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning ether or primordial substance from which all things are made.  It surrounds us and flows through us. And so the Akashic Records exists all around us right now.

In the past and in ancient religions, the Akashic Records have been referred to as the Book of Life or Infinite Wisdom. This vast resource of information is kept and maintained by the Akashic Records Masters and Guides, whom we can call upon for assistance in accessing information and guidance.  With your permission, we can access your Akashic Records together to support you to transform past traumas, lift pain and past issues, and find a higher expression for your life.

Your Guides are waiting to connect with you more directly.  If you feel called to find out more about your infinite Akashic Records, please schedule an appointment today. Your team of Guides and Beings of Light are waiting for you.

There is a morning inside you waiting to burst into light.”

~ Rumi

An Akashic Records reading can support you in your healing journey back to your Soul in innumerable ways, including:

  • Discover your Soul Gifts so you can live your Soul Purposes
  • Learn about Past Lives and reclaim past talents or clear blocks and challenging circumstances
  • Learn what works best for you to Manifest Abundance
  • Know who you are on a Soul Level
  • Discover what’s underneath relationships and their dynamics
  • Meet your Guides and learn how to access your own Records to get answers daily
  • Get support to accomplish your goals (e.g. Authors writing with their Akashic Guides to unlock ease and inspired storytelling.)
  • And so much more…

Remember who you are

You are a Divine Being, incarnated here to shine your Light in the world!

But sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of maneuvering through daily life and forget who you truly are. Instead, you learn to buy into the illusions of scarcity, fear and separation. And just under the surface, you know there is something more for you.

There is a new Universal Wisdom rising up. You feel it rising inside you. This is a new way of Being where you can be engaged in an active dialogue with the Universe and the Divine Within.

Reveal who you really are, in every aspect of your life. Find the freedom and safety to live in Love, share your Soul Gifts, and live your Soul’s Truth.

You already have everything you need within you. The Akashic Records are an amazing resource to support you to in creating an inspired and abundant life.

It’s your birthright to access your Akashic Records! Like going to the doctor to ask for your health records, these are your Soul Records and they are completely available to you.

What to expect in your session

I look forward to working with you in this very sacred way.

In preparation for your consultation, I recommend following these guidelines:

– Complete and submit the Consultation Consent Form which will be emailed to you after you purchase a reading.

– Make a list of concise questions concerning the areas of your life that you are interested in receiving information.

– Sample questions are listed below. Develop your own list so the consultation will best serve your needs. During the session, feel free to ask other questions and give feedback about the information you are receiving.

What would be helpful for me to know about this (be specific) challenge or fear at this time?
What is the root of this issue? What lessons am I to learn from this?
Is this person in my life from my soul family? Do I have a soul contract with them, and what is it about?
Do we have past lives together and is there anything that can be cleared?
Am I centered on my soul’s path? Is there something hidden that as keeping me from achieving my soul’s desire?
What do I need to know about this issue (be specific) to move forward, and how do I bring this issue into resolution so it does not continue to bother me?

– You may choose to record the information for review at a later time. If so, be prepared with pen and paper or a recording device.

– Do not drink any alcohol 12 hours prior to the consultation. It lowers the body’s vibration and is more difficult to access deep information in the Akashic Records. Prescription drugs are acceptable.

– It is best to allow yourself some quiet time after the session to reflect and process the information.

– Drink plenty of water afterwards.

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